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 When I was a child I knew that if my mum or dad had a headache, I would rub their head, neck and shoulders with instinct that I KNEW was helping to sooth and release tight muscles. I think we could all think back to an age, around 10 maybe, where we knew what we liked doing and were naturally good at vs the things we didn't enjoy. Maybe it was drawing, reading, singing and dancing, making up plays, teaching our teddy bears the alphabet, making things out of scraps or taking things apart to check out the components inside...whatever it was, it felt   F U N    :D

That is exactly what the P U L L of the soul is, to have fun and play with life... if we ignore it for too long we get lost down a slippery path of dissatisfaction, resentment, envy and ill health.  Deciding to turn things around brings renewed LOVE of life, the energy and enthusiasm as we become more aligned with what really matters to us, do things we are good at and learn to develop skills we want for our own personal satisfaction. Growth is good. 

Are you growing into the greatest version of yourself or do you need to redirect your energy?  
<![CDATA[Living Right]]>Mon, 05 Aug 2019 07:00:00 GMThttp://live-right.info/news/living-rightSo what is Living Right? 

It is a subject which has been and continues to be explored by people across the globe. In short, my summery is that..

"Living Right is a way of life guided by the soul rather than the circumstances one finds themselves within."

The soul has subtle ways of pulling towards that which brings joy, true health, freedom and fulfillment. When we live in accordance with the soul's desires, we are living in a self created heaven.  To me this is having the opportunity to work at something which pays great rewards, spiritually and financially. Aligning the work of the soul with the desires for life is getting paid to do something you love so much you do it anyway! 
<![CDATA[Kerela 2019]]>Thu, 28 Mar 2019 08:32:30 GMThttp://live-right.info/news/kerela-2019
A mum and daughter trip to Southern India to catch up with friends at Marari Dreamz,  Kochi. 

We visited to spend quality time together and to honor the 10 years since Robert died. 

Among huge tropical leaves, loud birds, colourful butterflies, we re-aligned with our priorities in life to move forward in the most joyous, abundant way possible.

Nourishing our souls with sunshine, fresh food, great company ~ we highly recommend a visit:

​ www.mararidreamz.com